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After a few years of battling the pandemic, the problem is still troubling the lifestyles’ of all human beings. In the Post-COVID-19 era, far-reaching consequences have impacted human beings’ rhythm of life, especially their working style. According to World Economic Forum, in 2022, many companies called their workers back into the office, but they did so with concessions. Amid a tight labour market and a lot of attrition, companies realized that employees wanted greater flexibility by working from home at least a few days a week.

As a result, Hybrid Working should be the new normal. However, Hybrid working is not an optimistic trend for a densely populated city such as Hong Kong due to the typically small living space. To tackle this problem, “The Block” is born to be an intelligent home cabinet to cater to this new trend.

“The Block” is a movable cabinet and 360-degree rotation with tailored functions which creates different scenarios. In the future, a living space will be divided into two areas,

the resting zone, and the working zone. “The Block” is trying to convenience the people between those two sectors.

The vision of “The Block” is willing to help people genuinely. Apart from having a good design outlook, it is trying to be a human-oriented product.

First of all, “The Block” delivers three to five spaces to the customers to suit their conditions. To illustrate, consumers would like to combine a computer cabinet and a storage cabinet to evolve “The Block” for a

working scenario or they would like to choose a computer cabinet and a bar cupboard for the hybrid scenarios. Therefore, “The Block” can provide an all-in-one solution to the customers and become a human-oriented product.

In addition, “The Block” is fabricated by a few parts which are top and bottom panels, the axis tube, the small cabinets, and the automatic track (optional). The function of the axis tube is to make “The Block” to being 360-degree rotation and two sides of “The Block” can create different scenarios to suit the customers’ wishes.

Technology is also an essential consideration for this product. For instance, using an App control the automatic track to convenience the elders and lower the accidents. Furthermore, consumers’ storage records can be documented in the App to reduce the time for finding stuff.

After the pandemic, hybrid working is a new trend that can make people work mobile. People understand that it is not easy to accept the new normal because

people get their own stories and background. “The Block” is just like Lego which is trying to fulfil different people from different counties.

A combination of a bookshelf and a toy cabinet creates a hybrid studying environment for children. An amalgamation of a working station and a wardrobe creates a separate space for the adult to achieve work-life balance. “The Block” is not a selfish product and it is aiming to achieve the world in common.

Project Information

Year : 2023
Type : Furniture
Client : Bagua+Bhava
Location :
Area :
Status : Concept

Partner in Charge : Gavin Leung
Fellow in Charge :
Project Leader :
Design Team :

Images : Bagua+Bhava & Internet
Visualisations : Bagua+Bhava

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