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Radical Innovation is pleased to announce the Parc Omega Design Competition for 2021. Produced by Radical Innovation and sponsored by CITQ (Corporation de l’industrie Touristique du Quebec. This program is intended to provide architectural professionals and students, from any country or region of the world, working individually or in teams, with a platform to conceptualize a hospitality concept compatible with the environment of a nature park.

The competition challenges architectural professionals to envision a 120-Key Hospitality Design Concept on the site of the Parc Omega in Quebec, Canada.

Established in 1985, Omega Park opened its doors to the public in 1991. The original concept of the park was a place to discover North American wildlife in a spectacular 2 200 acres site set in the natural scenery of the Outaouais region. The original vision expanded progressively in order to develop and enhance the offer, with a pioneering spirit, whilst respecting nature.

According to, a Venn diagram is an illustration that uses circles to show the relationships among things or finite groups of things. Circles that overlap have a commonality while circles that do not overlap do not share those traits. In this project, Venn Diagram will be the main element in the Parc Omega Hotel.

Animals + Human Beings + Nature = Parc Omega Hotel

Parc Omega is not just a park or a hotel. It is a place that can integrate people and animals into nature.

Based on the concept of the Venn diagram. The two-story building complex is designed with different sizes of circles. There are five main circle buildings and connected by two pedestrian bridges. Besides that, on the first floor, there are two yards inside the building complex to provide more natural space to the visitors or hotel guests.

The hotel complex which is included the welcome area, restaurant, wellness center, conference center, and guestrooms and suites. The lobby, restaurant, and conference center are connected. The wellness center is an independent building to arrange a more comfortable space for the hotel guests.

The Parc Omega Hotel is near the entrance of the park same as the existing one. Thus, it is easy to arrive and more convenient for the hotel guests or the visitors. In addition, it is not willing to demolish most of the natural elements or hinder the animals so the existing accommodation area is retained.

Solar panels are installed because of sustainability reasons.

When the guests get off the car, they will walk through the entrance with a ramp. After that, they can come to the reception area. There are four reception counters which are for the check-in and the group check-in. There is also a lobby lounge in the reception area to let the guests have a seat or just relax. After checking in, the guests can walk through the lobby bar or the study area and come to the conference center and then take the lift to the rooms.

Due to the Covid-19, the hotel now is not just a sleeping place. The working function also needs to be included in the hotel. As a result, the study tables or some computers are also provided in the study area.

In the middle of the lobby, there is the cloakroom, the washroom, and the staff office. There are three lifts as well which are for the visitors to the restaurant.

The Parc Omega Hotel is near the entrance of the park same as the existing one. Thus, it is easy to arrive and more convenient for the hotel guests There is the main room and six salons. Each room is separated by movable sliding partitions. It will be a huge ballroom after all sliding partitions are stored up. And the corridor is also a part of the conference center as the pre-function room.

About the restaurant, after getting out of the lift and it is the restaurant reception and the restaurant is divided into two parts. One is for the smaller group and another one is for the large group of hotel guests and visitors. 104 seats are provided in the 2/F restaurant and one private dining room is also served.

One more important point is that the guestrooms and the restaurant reception are connected. Therefore, the guests can go to the restaurant easily.

Same as the restaurant, there are two routes to access the wellness area from the reception. One is for the male and the other is for the female. Therefore, one side is the male changing room and the other is the female changing room. In addition, the independent private powder rooms are inside the wellness center. The cool and hot pool, the treatment rooms, steam and sauna are also included in the wellness center.

There are a total of 104 guestrooms and suites.

A fireplace is located in the foyer for each guestroom and the guests can have the opportunity to sleep with the wolves.

Project Information

Year : 2021
Type : Competition
Client : Parc Omega
Location : Canada
Area : 250,000 sq.m.
Status : Concept

Partner in Charge : Gavin Leung
Fellow in Charge :
Project Leader :
Design Team :

Images : Bagua+Bhava & Parc Omega
Visualisations : Bagua+Bhava

Awards : Radical Innovation Special Edition Competition – Honorable Mentions

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