Train Station Design

Two different spaces were connected by this railway. A Man who born in Xi’an and back to his home town from overseas. Another Man who born in Chang’an traveled from the Tang Dynasty and back to Xi’an. Is their journey starting point or endpoint?

The train drives into the destination – Xi’an Train Station.

He is carrying a luggage step into the platform from the train. Another he is carrying a backpack and stepping into the platform from the train as well. Times get frozen, they stopped and look around. Is this historic place call Chang’an or today’s Xi’an? At that moment, they met each other. It just like a dream, their

Xi’an becomes Chang’an who back to the Tang Dynasty which was unparalleled. After a rain, the green was grown, everything was baptized. The train was leaving slowly and slowly. Nobody was there, who cares about the starting or end. They can find the place where belongs to them which is an exclusive home.

Existing Site
Existing Site
Site Plan
Site Plan
Master Plan
Section Plan
Overall Planning
Train Station 1F
Train Station 2F
Shopping Market

Appointment: 2019
Type: Competition
Client: Manni Group
Location: Concept
Area: 110,000 sq.m.
Award: –

Partners: Gavin Leung, Suki So

Collaborators: Subtle Design Studio, FancyCG

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