The design concept comes from the story of the Anning Salt. It is hoped that the traveler can be understand more about the Chinese history and this traditional craft. There is a long history about the Anning salt and it is one of the crafts that many people know about that. As a result, the form and shape of the architecture will contain most of the salt elements. For example, the materials, the glass bricks, white stone and glass are used in the architecture.

About the interior design, the design comes from the shape and the colour of the salt. Therefore, the white materials and terrazzo are mostly used. Besides that, the traveler can be enjoyed in the hot salt spring outside.

The Bird View of The Salt House
The Bird View of The Salt House
The Salt House East View
The Salt House West View
1F Layout Plan
2F Layout Plan
Living and Dining Area
The White Salt Suite
The Corridor

Appointment: 2019
Type: Competition
Location: Concept
Area: 200 sq.m.
Award: Finalist

Group Leader: Gavin Leung
Project Leader:
Hong Kong Team: